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In Work, Parent, Thrive, I share practical strategies from clinical psychology and social science to better manage the conflict and enhance enrichment in work, parenting, and the balance of these meaningful roles. While these strategies won’t create more hours in the day, they can shift how we label our experiences, revise the stories we tell ourselves about working and parenting, and recognize the value we get from each role on its own, and in combination with one another.

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In my private practice, I specialize in the treatment of new parents and couples. Treatment of new parents may focus on identity transitions, relationship stress, professional adjustments, and mood. Couples treatments offerings include premarital counseling, counseling for marital stress, affairs, and treatment of sexual dysfunction. I also treat individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, substance use difficulties, relationship challenges, and work stress.

I work to provide a warm, nonjudgmental place to work on whatever patients are struggling with. I also try to laugh a lot in therapy; after all, work that’s fun is more effective!

About Yael

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University, and writer about parenting, work, and relationships. In my work, I draw on scientific research, clinical experience, and my real life experiences with three small superheroes who provide me with constant inspiration (at the times when they aren’t providing an ulcer). 
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My upcoming book, Work, Parent Thrive, offers a fresh perspective on working parenthood and a scientifically-backed approach to a happier and more successful life with multiple demanding roles. 
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