Choosing Both by Yael Schonbrun

“Who am I now?” It’s a question often asked by ambitious individuals after they become parents. Where cocktail party introductions had once been simple (debate club president/entrepreneur/keg stand champ), you now wonder if ‘parent’ should be your lead identifier. You wonder if it is acceptable to care so deeply about your accomplishments now that you have a child; you agonize over whether you are sufficiently invested in your professional life now that you’ve been introduced to your tiny new CEO.

While most of what has been written on work and family balance describes how to continue achieving greatness after adding the role of parent to a resume, the solution to either restrain the drive to parent or to give up on professional life does not work for everyone. But living a life that makes room for both a desire to achieve professionally and a desire to fully engage in parenting is complicated stuff.

Choosing Both offers a fresh perspective on how to define yourself as a ‘successful professional’ or ‘excellent parent’ and a new approach to tapping into the wisdom and value of embracing a self defined by both love and ambition. Armed with psychological research, interviews, and clinical and personal experience, Dr. Schonbrun offers an empowering argument and practical strategies for making room for both ambitious professional drive and deep engagement in family life.

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