About Me

About Me (AKA, who the heck writes this blog?)

I am a licensed clinical psychologist, assistant professor at Brown University, and writer about parenting, work, and relationships. In my work, I draw on scientific research, clinical experience, and my real life experiences with two tiny superheroes who provide me with constant inspiration (at the times when they aren’t providing an ulcer).

I began my journey into non-academic writing after having my first child, when I took an unexpected turn in what had, up until that point, seemed like a promising academic career. In an effort to make sense of my divergence from the traditional path to success, I searched high and low for writing that resonated with my experiences. I found little written for or by professionals who were ambitious and deeply invested in their careers, but who felt a deep desire to be present as a parent in a manner that made conventional professional success a near impossibility.

This realization lead me to write an essay that was published in The New York Times. The response to the piece was phenomenal. Emails flowing into my inbox told me I was far from alone in the desire to pursue a life filled with ambitious professionalism and committed parenthood.

A Mother's Ambitions by Yael Chatav SchonbrunAnd so I began a new journey that collapsed my clinical skills and scientific training with my personal experiences of being a passionate parent. In this blog, you can read about what science and psychology practice have to offer folks striving to honor their professional ambitions and their parenting passion. You can also read about personal examples, my own and others, in striving to live lives that bring meaning and fulfillment at work and at home.

I am hard at work on a book exploring these topics. In my research for my book project, I am looking to capture a broad set of professional and parenting experiences. If you are interested and willing to participate by sharing your experiences as an ambitious professional and devoted parent, please contact me through this website. And have no fear–as a researcher and psychologist, I know how to keep your personal information as private as you want (no email information will ever be shared). I hope to hear from as many willing parties as possible!